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Cruikglen Mainline


Dave Arkley - 2011

Cruikglen   Mainline

Cruikglen is a fictional junction on the Waverley Line. It will be modelled in N gauge in a 20ft by 7ft garage interia.

This image shows the track plan for the mainline, the Waverley Line itself. Notionally located just north of Whitrope Summit, Cruikglen is the junction of a branch line which connects to Newcastle on the east coast via Kielder and provides an alternative to the Stainmore Route.

The mainline rises from Board 12, where it leaves a tunnel, to level at Cruikglen Junction, and then continues to rise all of the way around to Board 10, at a steady 1 in 50 climb. Steam era freight trains will be banked from the junction up the incline, and Board 9 contains a refuge loop for the bankers once they have fulfilled their purpose. Exchange sidings at the junction provide staging for freight to be transferred from Waverley pick up freight services to cross country freight services on the branch.

The image was exported from Anyrail which I used to design the track plan.