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Collett No. 2223 shunting

Collett 2251


Mike Baker

Collett No. 2223 shunting

2251 class No.2223 from Templecombe is seen on the Melcombe Magna goods turn

    This is one of my favourite layouts though alas I have never seen it in the flesh, are there any shows that this layout will be attending. And have you got the dimensions of the layout.

    All the best, Martyn.
    Regret the layout is portable, so I am unable to exhibit. The layout was featured in the Jan.2010 Hornby mag.
    Oops! Should read NOT portable!
    Oh well never mind I will try and get a back copy of the Hornby mag, any chance of the dimensions.

    Regards, Martyn.
    The layout is in a outbuilding 20ft X 11ft. The "Main Line" runs through the end wall and is on staging (covered with acrylic sheet) where it turns through 180 degrees to return to the fiddle yard on the other side of the building.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Jun 14 2012 18:24
    This is indeed my favourite photo Quintus/Mike. The trackwork is especially fine, I think, and I wonder if you can recall the colour mix you used for the sleepers? Absolutely spot on!!