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MODELS Empty BR steel 16t Mineral

Smiths 3 link Fapol Airfix Romford wheels Modelmaster


Brian Roper for DOGA

MODELS Empty BR steel 16t Mineral

The old standby Airfix 16t BR mineral wagon now Dapol. The layout has to be early 50s to get these in! A fair bit of jiggery-pokery to get this to work with Smiths 3-link couplings (cutting out on the underframe where the toy coupling should be; mounted). In this case the wagon was assembled to allow the door on one side to drop, so that when 'parked up&#39it can be shown as empty. Modelmaster decals were applied instead of the supplied decal sheet for obvious reasons.

    May I ask where the three link coupling came from and how you attatched them?
    Please PM me, as I may never find this thread again, lol.
    Feb 05 2012 23:59
    The 3-link couplings are from Smiths, attached by opening out the coupling hole on the end after assembly has been completed. First task is to attach the links to the opening on the upper side of the shaft. On this model there is no lateral space behind the buffer beam to take the supplied spring and split pin, so I added a small blob of filler behind the buffer beam, put a spot of superglue on the coupling shaft and push in snug up to the outside of the buffer beam. On kits there is usually space behind the buffer beam, or scrape away surplus plastic mouldings to fit. Draw the spring over the rear of the shaft and secure with split pin. You then have a sprung coupling drawbar.