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MODELS Parkside Bogie Sulphate wagon loaded

Parkside Modelmaster Ten Commandments Smiths 3 link


Brian Roper for DOGA

MODELS Parkside Bogie Sulphate wagon loaded

This Parkside kit is a worthwhile challenge. Building it is straightforward enough, though, and I used 8BA screws to attach the bogies as with the Warflat. You have to be careful with the sides, as they tend to bend inward because of the length. The load of sulphate bags is made for this kit by Ten Commandments, mounted on a sheet of Slaters 1.5mm sheet and the height built up with squares of 1.5mm plastic at the ends. I have five of these now... One or two more should not be too hard on the old grey matter.

    Is this a purchased moulding for the load or did you make it yourself? Details please! cheers, Peter C.
    I have now seen the caption and gone to the 10 commandments website. Could be expensive!! Cheers, Peter C.
    Gday. Looks good. I am struggling with underside on ths. Could you post a pic of the underframe and way the hand brakes are attached. Also did they have handbrakes on both sides? Regards Colin H