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Turnout COnstruction

turnout PCB

Turnout COnstruction

    Looks good. I don't think I'll ever get round to making my own track (though I once bought an smp plastic sleeped kit, then gave it away half made). I do admire people who have a go, so I'll follow this with interest.
    Looks really good!

    I took the plunge about three or four years ago, partly because building SMP kits is so much cheaper than buying ready made track, that was important to me at the time. It is a challenge and my point work isn't as neat as Valentin's but the running qualities are good and I've built two three way points and had a go at a double slip. If things don't go quite right you usually haven't spent masses of money and it's quite often possible to adjust things. I don't currently belong to a club so I've learnt the hard way as I've relied on web resources and a really good book by Iain Rice. And I've also wired my layouts for DCC operation.

    I do have a box file layout with Peco track for light relief however!