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Ayton Moor Tunnel (IMG 2851)

Hornby L1 Kirk coaches 4D Wizard Models Wills Cooper Craft


Image by Brian Roper

Ayton Moor Tunnel (IMG 2851)

L1 67742 2-6-4T (51A), recent re-numbered Hornby addition brings a train of Kirk BR liveried Gresley non-corridor stock through the tunnel from Thoraldby. In this scene you see the Wizard NER l/q home signal to the right of a Cooper Craft platelayers hut. By the L1 is a home signal to protect Ayton Row goods siding; ahead of the L1 is a semi-distant to protect the coal siding at Thoraldby. Scenics: trees mostly from 4D, ground cover from Wanstead Flats and Countryside et al