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Fiddle Yard No2 (IMG 2875)

Parkside Ten Commandments


Image by Brian Roper

Fiddle Yard No2 (IMG 2875)

The far end fiddle yard (No2) holds stock for return workings (steel fabrications, steel stock, steel plate, and other industrial products from Teesside aside from sulphate. At the back is are: (veteran Hornby)D49/1 62700 (53B, a bit out of her usual stamping grounds of Leeds-Selby-Hull), and (Bachmann) B1 61339 (50B). These two locos would bring through passenger workings and return home on the same stock after filling a shift on branch stopping traffic. Behind the locos are fitted vans and wagons. Out of sight is Darlington L1 67742 and Bachmann J39 64821 (51D), one of the branch pick-up workhorses. If what I hear on the grapvevine is right, I might have a J27 0-6-0 on this duty before too long.