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Switching at Fort Ross 2


Brian Moore

Switching at Fort Ross 2

A resprayed and detailed Atlas ALCo RS11, now awaiting a full handrail replacement and a couple of other additions, prior to getting a lot of grime applied. Powered by a Soundtraxx Tsunami, with a bass-reflex speaker in the long hood. This was the first of the three RS11 demonstators tested on the Southern Pacific, and subsequently purchased outright. #2900 ran in long-hood-forward mode until retirement circa 1980.

    Mar 19 2012 12:46
    V nice work Mr Moore!
    Thanking you, Mr Spalding. It's all Rob's work, apart from the loco and stock. The one thing about modules I don't like is the (usual) lack of backscene, which prevents a lot of photo possibilities - nothing worse than having an exquisite scene in the foreground, when all you notice behind it is a full-scale person in a whackily-coloured jersey and a huge gut... Quite difficult to take "lifelike" pics in such circs.