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Lartington West Signalbox - Brick work detail


Martin Hardy

Lartington West Signalbox - Brick work detail

This is a detail shot, the brickwork is in the pattern known as "English Garden Wall Bond". You will note three rows of stretchers then a row of headers. Note also the alignment of the headers v the stretches either side. Also as the brickwork "goes round the corner" the row headers becomes stretchers and the next row up becomes stretchers, on a four sided building this means you have almost a spiral arrangement of headers rising up the building. The variation in "brick colour" is quite astounding too. You have got tradition rusty red brown, white with leeched salts and burnt looking specimens. The you have the green of mosses and probably other weathering stains! The question I as a modeller must address is how much of this variation is as a result of forty+ years of neglect and how much would have been original?

The photo was taken with a 50mm prime lens on by DSLR but even this quite optically "true" lens was distorted the image to an extent, if you look closely you can see some barrel distortion, particularly noticeable on the top row of brick.

    I've just noticed that, in the gable ends above the windows, the bricks are laid in Scottish bond (5 rows of stretchers between the header rows).

    Steve Taylor
    Mar 25 2012 19:40
    its part of the character of these small, once commonplace structures. Picture them in cheap modern stretcher bond and you can see why some heritage railways get the "feel" wrong.

    And now to be a complete anorak...... any dimensions for the bricks?
    Mar 25 2012 20:01

    And now to be a complete anorak...... any dimensions for the bricks?

    Yes, the bricks are 9" x 4.5" x 3"!
    (and the mortar courses are roughly 1/2 inch)