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Stephen Harris Grampus

Grampus. Shiney.



Stephen Harris Grampus

Quick grab of Stephen Harris' little 2mm masterpiece, half way though it's the build. Really recommended little bits, although a little more fiddley that his 16t's!

    The wagon's great, though I'm not sure about the weathering on the finger...
    Now that ROCKS Pix....
    Dang I should have ordered a couple.
    Mar 30 2012 09:59

    Looking great, whos buffers did you use?
    37255 - Always got to get your hands dirty. ;)

    Iak - I believe they're to become a stock item, well worth jumping on the band wagon!

    Simon - They're the old Farish small loco buffers. A bit rubbish for their intended design but they make fairly decent Dowtys!
    Mar 30 2012 19:31
    They might pass for GWR self contained buffers. The closest thing I've found so far are N Brass Loco GCR 2-8-0 ones.