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IMG 1004 kopie

IMG 1004   kopie

HST "Fyra V250" after 4 years at test drive not in service.........................

Train at test drive near Amsterdam-Sloterdijk station.

    Apr 03 2012 10:03
    Anyone else think the front ends of those are ugly?
    Rather ungainly, certainly. Not much worse than a Hondekop or Koploper though.
    Looks like Snoopy.
    Apr 03 2012 16:21
    Snoopy looks waayyy better ;)

    Yes, these are hideous... And no, the Hondekop and Koploper sets look infinitely better then this! (but that's not too hard :P)
    Correction on Peter's captions: they are delayed by 5 years, in testing now for about 2 and still not passed for regular service, even at the 2004 requirements (which were significantly less stringent then today's...). Notwithstanding that, NS/HSA is planning on entering these into service sometime this year.... :rolleyes:
    Apr 04 2012 08:21
    Thank you Dutch_Master,

    Five years (!), the time goes by fast !

    Greetings Peter