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    Chris Nevard
    Apr 04 2012 07:27
    Nice modelling! P4?

    Steve Taylor
    Apr 05 2012 08:26

    hehe, damn, I've been rumbled. And here was me spending ages getting the joints and the crossover road to sag prototypically, and detailing those Skaledale structures.
    Sorry weather was a bit pants that day so I couldn't wind the depth of field up too much without causing a broohaha and getting the tripod from the car (conveniently parked at Pickering).
    Hint taken though - at some point in the future (soon hopefully) I will stop making notes and start making models that are worth showing instead .... and yes, in P4.

    Great picture made even better for the lack of a loco!

    The layout is dismantled at present awaiting detail work so I've been taking notes here.