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Thompson's Great Northern 2-8-2


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Thompson's Great Northern 2-8-2

This very rare colour shot of Thompson's first attempt to rebuild Gresley's A1 class locos that had not already been rebuilt to A3.
In the depths of wartime with extraordinarily heavy trains, Thompson decided that the remaining A1's should become Eight coupled express Mikados.
The long wheelbase and problems with the P2's led Thompson to use a Hemholtz truck at the front.
He also cleverly used drive onto the second axle, with the centre cylinder and separate valve gear, as the divided drive that he favoured would not be compatible with the Hemholtz truck.
The mammoth cost of the rebuild and the design difficulties led to the whole design team including Thompson, being admiitted to an asylum at the request of the company's Directors and medical advisors.
Therefore Peppercorn took over and just modified the P2's as shown previously.

    scots region
    May 09 2012 13:00
    Very interesting Timeline Matt, I think a lot of people are going to love the "Thompson, admitted to an asylum at the request of the company Directors" part, ah well I could use the company. Little request could you do 60113 as an A3?
    Matthew Cousins
    May 09 2012 13:12
    I can do 60113 as an A3, what colour did you have in mind?
    S.A.C Martin
    May 09 2012 15:00
    That is a superb modification Matthew, and eerily close to that I am making myself, albeit as a 4-8-2:

    scots region
    May 09 2012 16:27

    I can do 60113 as an A3, what colour did you have in mind?

    Early BR like the P2
    Matthew, a new artistic angle... really really nice. Prints for sale I presume?
    I read tha, and was actually musing as to why I'd never seen 60113 as a 2-8-2 before, then came to the bit about the asylum.
    Very clever.

    Can you post, or post links to, 60113 in blue? I loved that loco.
    Matthew Cousins
    May 09 2012 19:10
    I think that I found the A1/1 somewhere on Flickr but it had a large round headboard on it, so may not be of much use to Jeff.
    Max Stafford
    May 09 2012 23:04
    Thompson in the asylum? I was under the impression it was Bulleid that was on LSD! ;-)
    2-8-2 looks superb though!
    Certainly a more 'interesting' version of Great Northern then usual, and another interesting alternative to what history gave us.

    Is this the point Thompson went south?
    Jun 30 2012 00:48
    i think i might just have a go at making something like this as it certainly looks impressive.