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Kerr Stuart


(c) Chris Nevard

Kerr Stuart

It's not widely known, but a small narrow gauge preservation group was based at the Catcott peat works for a short spell in the 1960's. A couple of hundred yards of the narrow gauge line was relayed with heavier gauge rail to allow occasional running days with an ex-Metropolitan Waterboard Railway Kerr Stuart.

    Captain Kernow
    Jun 17 2012 12:59
    Did they end up at Westonzoyland Pumping Station, Chris, when the site at Catcott folded? In good company if they did, because that is where the 2' guage Ruston from the Bleakhouse Road peat works went...
    Chris Nevard
    Jun 17 2012 17:01
    You are right, I might have to check their stocklist, I see they have a good online presence. Of course there's a group at Sunbury who are setting up a small line, the original home of this engine.