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Brisitsh Steel Industrial Scunthorpe


These turned up in a box of negs. I have no recollection of doing these pics but did do a placement with the photography department at BS Scunthorpe in the mid-90's and the handwriting on the packet is mine so I can only assume they are mine. Apologies for the slight softness - negs are fine but scanner is not the greatest.

    I worked for the British Steel Corporation in the Central Engineering Workshops in the mid  to late 1970s, and to me, this looks like the old running shed for the Janus and Hunslet locos operated on the steelworks.  Just off Appleby Mill Road, I visited from time to time as part of my duties, and these look to be the two eastern most roads of the shed.  I’m in Australia these days, but believe this is presently occupied by the Appleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society.


    I’m glad you did take them, a brace of Yorkshire Engine Company Janus , excellent shot