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Detached House & garden,(Dapol kitbashed)-7

Detached House & garden,(Dapol kitbashed)-7

    hydrangea? Like the fencing was it a kit or scratch built? like the touch of adding the windows to the garage doors, nice aerial was that a kit? It real reminds me of a tired by old once loved home. The open drain was a cool touch too

    Sorry, lol,....can't comment on the plants...not too up on that aspect I'm afraid.  But, Yes the fencing was scratchbuilt from thin veneer and ply, with matchsticks for fence posts.  The idea with the drain was just something a bit different rather than a window cleaner, or painter....I need to post the last few photo's I have done with the workmen rodding the drains etc, I'll get them done as soon as I can.


    Thanks Kind Regards,