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Elephanta 0 6 0ST Iraq WW1

Elephanta 0 6 0ST Iraq WW1

This photo is from a Railway Magazine from the mid-1920s.

    sir douglas
    Sep 05 2017 18:39

    standard gauge M class No 1673 of 1906

    Sep 05 2017 18:56

    I always thought that it didn't look very narrow gauge. To me it looks very similar to the Hudswell Clarke that Ixion have modelled, although the cab projects further forward on this one.

    You can't always believe what you read in magazines, books or, indeed, online. Middleton's book on Burnham to Evercreech has a photo of Highbridge Wharf which clearly isn't, for quite a few reasons. Several of the books I inherited from Dad have got corrections written in by him.