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The Guide Index Page

The Poll Team has created The Guide in the same running order as you will find it in the voting categories. Each item has had no more than a few lines of text written about it to help you put it in context. It is not designed as a definitive history.

It has been provided here for those who wish to use it and to avoid the possibility of you getting timed out of The Poll. However, you will be able to access it while voting if you need it.


GWR & Constituents - Steam Locos
GWR & Constituents - Passenger-carrying Coaching Stock
GWR & Constituents - Non-passenger-carrying Coaching Stock (NPCCS)
GWR & Constituents - Freight

LMS & Constituents - Steam Locos
LMS & Constituents - Passenger-carrying Coaching Stock
LMS & Constituents - Non-passenger-carrying Coaching Stock (NPCCS)
LMS & Constituents - Freight

LNER & Constituents - Steam Locos
LNER & Constituents - Passenger-carrying Coaching Stock
LNER & Constituents - Non-passenger-carrying Coaching Stock (NPCCS)
LNER & Constituents - Freight

SR & Constituents - Steam Locos
SR & Constituents - Passenger-carrying Coaching Stock
SR & Constituents - Non-passenger-carrying Coaching Stock (NPCCS)
SR & Constituents - Freight

BR Standard Steam Locos
BR Passenger-carrying Coaching Stock & NPCCS
BR Freight - Steam/Transition era
BR Freight - TOPS coded

Diesel & Gas Turbine Locos
Railcars & Diesel Multiple Units
Electric Locos
Electric Multiple Units

General Railway Service Stock (GWR, LMS, LNER,SR)
General Railway Service Stock (BR & Successors)

Pullman Cars
Other items

If you have any difficulties in completing The Poll, please contact Andy York at info@rmweb.co.uk.

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