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Scale / Gauge: 4mm OO
Era: 1964
Size: 20ft x 2ft
Type: BR Steam/ Diesel
Transport used: Cars
Previous Exhibitions: Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Newcastle & District
Description: Alwinton

This is a might have been layout that supposes the North British Railway continued building the Rothbury Branch in the Cheviots of Northumberland another 10 miles up the valley to Alwinton and beyond. So whereas Alwinton is a real place, the line is fictitious. The layout is set in spring 1964 when the transition was in progress from steam to diesel operation. Local passenger, pick up freight, parcel and Military trains provide increased traffic due to the proximity of the Otterburn Ranges.

The layout features DCC operation, semaphore signalling and computer assisted control using MERG and home designed circuit boards. JMRI software connects the layout to a computer via the CAN Bus system. This provides interlocking for points, signals and route control. A touch screen is used with virtual switches instead of a normal control panel. The layout runs day and night operation on a 24 hour fast clock with the computer controlling layout and building lighting. The layout occupies a space of 20ft x 2ft.

Layout Owner: Tony Lambert
Owner Contact Name: Tony Lambert
Owner contact email address: lambert88@aol.com
Owner contact telephone: 0191 5364729
Forthcoming exhibitions booked: nothing at present.
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