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Photos courtesy of Chris Nevard

Scale / Gauge: 4mm/'OO'
Era: 1944
Size: 40ft
Type: End to end wartime dockside layout
Transport used: Large Transit van
Previous Exhibitions: York 2017; St Neot's 2017; GCR Quorn 2016
Description: As with the Great War some thirty years previously, the railways also played a key role in World War Two, transporting people and material throughout the country; dispersing the returning troops rescued from Dunkirk, evacuating children from the London Blitz, and moving the men and material from their depots and assembly areas to the embarkation points for the D-day Landings of June 1944 (codename “Overlord”, from which the layout gets its name).

Based loosely on Southampton and Portsmouth dockyards, the layout attempts to depict the hectic quayside activities to be found at many of the Southern ports of England in the days surrounding the invasion of Normandy. Much of the variety and confusion of the moment are displayed. Tanks await loading. Mechanised infantry columns search for their embarkation point. There are specialist vehicles such as bridge layers, rocket launchers, mine clearers and amphibious tanks needed to ensure the success of the landings. Landing ships of various shapes and sizes,together with the vital support of escorting destroyers, launches and torpedo boats, prepare to put to sea. Overhead, gliders make their way south, watched over by the W.A.F's on the anti-aircaft guns and barrage balloon. And finally there are the tea-ladies of the NAAFI, providing a continuous supply of drinks to the nervous troops.

Although the layout has been exhibited for a numbers of years, we are still adding to it. For those who may have seen it before, new this time are sections of the Mulberry Harbour, the floating port towed across the Channel, and PLUTO, the underwater fuel pipeline which powered the Allied advance from the hard won beachhead through France, Belgium, Holland and ultimately over the Rhine.

We are still constantly trying to improve 'Overlord', so if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask, or visit the following web-sites
Layout Owner: Chris Mead
Owner Contact Name: Chris Mead
Owner contact email address: chris.j.mead@hotmail.com
Owner contact telephone: 07793 918792
Forthcoming exhibitions booked: Peterborough Oct 14-15 2017
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