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Seven Ash

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Seven Ash is a 9 feet X 7 feet (including operator space) oo finescale DCC operated layout with a loco roster of over 50 Westerns, Warships, Hymeks and NBL type 2s along with Brush type 2s & Type 4s, it shows the pretops world of the late 1960s-early1970s Western region Old Oak Common turntable and fuelling point. It comes in a van (Own) and has 2 operators, lighting rig and is freestanding. for more information e-mail Steve (pevenstike141@hotmail.co.uk)

Scale / Gauge: oo
Era: 1960s-1970s
Size: 9foot x 7 foot
Type: Diesel depot
Transport used: Van (own)
Previous Exhibitions: Taunton Rail ex 2016
Description: Seven Ash is based on the turntable stabling point at London's infamous Old Oak Common depot and is set between 1967 and 1972. Over 40 locomotives from the Western Region hydraulic classes of Westerns, Warships, Hymeks and NBL Baby Warships feature although a few diesel electrics can be seen ranging from Brush type 2s, type 4s to the prototype Falcon.
All locomotives that operate are renumbered, detailed and weathered to represent the wide variety of liveries that graced the transition era from green and maroon to the newly introduced corporate blue with double arrow emblem. Seven Ash features DCC control which includes operation of the turntable.
Layout Owner: Steve Pike
Owner Contact Name: Steve Pike
Owner contact email address: pevenstike141@hotmail.co.uk
Owner contact telephone: 07826516520
Forthcoming exhibitions booked: Micklover Model club @ Derby roundhouse May 4-5 2017, Taunton rail ex 2017 & Yate model show Feb 2018
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