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Westwood Yard

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Scale / Gauge: OO
Era: British Rail Blue
Size: 5ft long
Type: Shunting puzzle
Transport used: Car
Previous Exhibitions: Weston Super Mare Train Show Sept 2016
Rail Ex Taunton 2016
Weston Super Mare Train Show Jan 2017
Calne Model Show 2017
Description: Westwood Yard is set in the mid 1980s and features a small household coal concentration yard on the lower level while the higher level features a single track branch which will eventually feed a small loco stabling point to be known as Westwood Stabling Point, currently under construction.

The higher level will be DCC controlled and operated from the rear while the coal concentration depot is based on the classic 'Inglenook' shunting puzzle and is front operated to facilitate audience participation. The yard regularly sees class 08 or 03 shunters working with the classic HEA hopper wagons of the mid 80s.

Feel free to take up the challenge and form a specific three wagon train from five available wagons using the shunting loco and the restricted length sidings. Alternatively, try the challenge of a five wagon train from an available eight wagons. While the layout was initially designed to enable the younger generation to be able to operate a layout at an exhibition, the challenge is suitable for all ages so do not be shy, please participate and have some hands on fun.
Layout Owner: Peter West
Owner Contact Name: Peter West
Owner contact email address: peterw274@outlook.com
Owner contact telephone: 01823 254048
Forthcoming exhibitions booked: Weston Super Mare Train Show Sept 2017
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