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Pont Gelert

Attached Image: 15245100147_28316bd4a1_z.jpg


009 1960's 6' x 3'6" L shaped fiddle yard to terminus Darren Hedges Non booked at this time


Attached Image: IMG_20160319_135613.jpg Attached Image: IMG_20160319_135634.jpg


OO, 16.5mm gauge. 1968-71 14ft x 2ft Fiddle yard to Terminus Martyn Wild Normanton & Pontefract MRS MRE 2017
Other verbal invites TBA.


Attached Image: graveyard.jpg


00 2014 9ft x 3ft self contained Harry Denford Sevenoaks 2016

Netherwood Sidings

Attached Image: P1010296b.jpg


7mm O gauge 1976-1981 10m x 3.5m continuous run Graham Clark DEMU showcase 2016

Merryfield Lane

Attached Image: shunt 9.JPG Attached Image: micky mouse on the milk.jpg Attached Image: 64xx 10.JPG

http://www.rmweb.co....erryfield +lane

00 1950's BR(W) 18Ft x 8Ft (5.49 Metres x 2.44Metres) Roundy Roundy Plymouth & SE Cornwall MRC None

Milton Street MPD

Attached Image: DSC_0031 (800x536).jpg


4mm/OO 1960's 13ft x 2ft MPD Spencer Anderson Perth 2016, Warley 2016, Wakefield 2017

West Shed

Attached Image: Weston on Trent 2015 Nov 14th 001.JPG Attached Image: Weston on Trent 2015 Nov 14th 058.JPG Attached Image: Photo Shoot 022.JPG Attached Image: Photo Shoot 007.JPG

West Shed can be exhibited as a BR Blue Diesel Depot or a MR / BR Steam Depot both with DCC Sound and is just 7ft x 1ft and operated from the front Left Corner.


[attachment=700689:Weston on Trent 2015 Nov 14th 001.JPG]


[attachment=700690:Weston on Trent 2015 Nov 14th 058.JPG]


[attachment=700691:Photo Shoot 022.JPG]


[attachment=700692:Photo Shoot 007.JPG]

4mm / 00 BR Blue / BR Steam 7ft x 1ft Depot Andy Peters Trent Valley, Litchfield 17th Sep,
Hinkley 22nd Oct.

Pawsons Pickles

Attached Image: DSCF0634.JPG Attached Image: DSCF0636.JPG Attached Image: DSCF0615.JPG Attached Image: DSCF0641.JPG Attached Image: DSCF0627.JPG Attached Image: DSCF0628.JPG Attached Image: layout.jpg

Pawson's Prize Winning Pickles is a small industrial yard set in the 1920's to the 1950's. The traffic consists of raw materials inwards - wood, acetic acid, vegatables, glass jars etc, and finished product outwards - pickles in cases. The track layout is difficult to work as the head shunt will only hold one wagon and a loco, but the runaround will hold three and a loco! So shunting moves require a lot of thought - and "to-ing and fro-ing" to get a wagon where it is wanted.


The layout is 6'6" long and 15" wide, has supporting trestles and its own lighting rig. It fits in my hatchback for transport. It is operated from the front and is designed to allow the public to have a go. It requires two operators to allow for breaks and is available for exhibition.















7mm 1920-1950 6'6" x 15" o gauge shunting layout Kevin Smith Goathland 2016

Blowers Green.

Attached Image: Blowers green DEMU 2015 R.jpg Attached Image: 37 in the yard R.jpg Attached Image: View from behind layout Dudley end R.jpg Attached Image: Exiting Dudley tunnelR.jpg Attached Image: PWay chatter.jpg


0 Gauge 1970's 12m x 1.5m Analogue modern image British outline Bill Connelly Monmouth 2017

Glenngary Tramway

Attached Image: 018 (4).jpg http://www.glenngarytramway.co.uk

A short Promo video

1/32 Gauge 1 Non Specific 2 metres x 2 metres Funicular Railway Gary Norman SDRM annual shows 2016,2017,2018
Great Electric train show Gaydon 8/9 oct 2016.
Lincoln MRC exhibition 2017

59th and Rust

Attached Image: rs11 2.JPG Attached Image: 16.jpg Attached Image: DSCF0181.JPG Attached Image: 0664 NH rs1.jpg non HO 3.5MM 1960'S 14' X18" AMERICAN SWITCHING LAYOUT Ray O'neill 2016 Alley pally, Derby, Hartlepool
2017 Stafford, Newcastle, Normanton, Trainwest

Chamberlayne Park

Attached Image: FB_IMG_1454660080402.jpg Attached Image: FB_IMG_1454660093705.jpg Attached Image: FB_IMG_1454660062157.jpg https://www.facebook...28753393829245/

OO Modern Image 7ft X 2ft Shunting layout Christopher Addoo Wessex Show Sherborne 22nd and 23rd February
Fordingbridge model railway show
16th April 2016

Grindley Brook

Attached Image: _MG_4627sRGB-1.jpg Attached Image: _MG_4613sRGB-1.jpg Attached Image: _MG_4649sRGB-1.jpg Attached Image: _MG_4650-2sRGB-1.jpg Attached Image: _MG_4662sRGB-1.jpg Attached Image: P1040621 (2) (1024x683).jpg Attached Image: P1040625 (2) (699x1024).jpg http://www.hillingdo...odellers.co.uk/ 7mm / O gauge 1955 - 1963 10.46m x 6.14m LNWR/LMS/BR steam/diesel transition Hillingdon Railway Modellers Chatham - June 2016
Telford - September 2017
Warley (NEC) - November 2017


Attached Image: _DSC6984.JPG None 4mm OO Late 50s/early 60s 26' x 4' End to end Phil Greaves Rainfall March 2016 Wigan/Peterborough Oct 2016
Stafford Feb 2017

Foster Street

Attached Image: DSCN3071.JPG Attached Image: DSCN3072 (1).JPG Attached Image: DSCN3073 (1).JPG Attached Image: DSCN3074.JPG Attached Image: DSCN3075 (1).JPG Attached Image: DSCN3076.JPG Attached Image: DSCN3078.JPG Attached Image: DSCN3079 (1).JPG Attached Image: DSCN3080.JPG Attached Image: DSCN3081.JPG Attached Image: DSCN3082.JPG Attached Image: DSCN3083.JPG Attached Image: post-6694-0-56967300-1416084764_thumb.jpg Attached Image: DSCN3084.JPG nq N Gauge Pre-Nationalisation 2'6" x 10" Continuous run Paul Price None at present

Peafore Yard

Attached Image: DSCN1331.JPG Attached Image: DSCN1551.JPG Attached Image: DSCN1360.JPG Attached Image: DSCN1543.JPG Attached Image: DSCN1515.JPG [attachment=575316:DSCN1360.JPG][attachment=575317:DSCN1551.JPG][attachment=575318:DSCN1331.JPG][attachment=575320:DSCN1515.JPG][attachment=575321:DSCN1543.JPG] 00-SF 1977 7'6" X 2' End to End Rob Owst Barnstaple July 2015
Chippenham October 2015
Yate January 2016
Trainwest April 2016
Thornbury November 2016
Weston January 2017
Minehead August 2017
Peterborough October 2017


Attached Image: tmp_15318-IMG_20151112_065830995585627.jpg http://wp.me/p4bT6X-4z Em Pre Grouping 1900- 25'x 2'6" end to end Jon Hunt None at present

Meopham East Junction

Attached Image: 92 passes a 66.JPG Attached Image: 47 on a Merrymaker.JPG Attached Image: Sub station.JPG Attached Image: Stowaways on a new 350.JPG Attached Image: Spitfire.JPG Attached Image: Slim Jim.JPG Attached Image: Rat.JPG Attached Image: Overall view.JPG Attached Image: Electric traction.JPG Attached Image: Bulleid diesel.JPG Attached Image: Blue 2 EPB.JPG www.thewheel.karoo.net 4mm/00 1960 to 2000 20 ft wide X 10 ft deep Southern Electric John Wass Heart surgery being completed at the end of February 2015, I am now full steam ahead for invites.

Falcon Road TMD & Prospect Yard.

Attached Image: FuelPoint4.jpg Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_3.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_4.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_10.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_28.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_30.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_34.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_43.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_46.JPG Attached Image: Oil Drum Lane5.jpg Attached Image: 7DM21525-1small.jpg Pictures and details can be found at


Click on Layouts/Falcon Road.

Click on the button next to 'Exhibition Managers' Detail for a downloadable PDF sheet.

Dave Smith

The story of the build can be found in the RMWeb 'Layout' topic.













[attachment=516683:Oil Drum Lane5.jpg]

[attachment=516684:OilDrum Ln3.jpg]
4mm '00' Modern Image 24' x 2' layout footprint. Overall footprint required 30 x 9' End to end. Carshalton & Sutton MRC Doncaster 2016
Tolworth Nov 2016
Folkestone Oct 2017

Wickham Station

Attached Image: img1441385904926.jpg Attached Image: Wickham_Station_baseboard.jpg http://wickhamstation.weebly.com/
OO Gauge Present Day 148cm x 52cm DC Martin Wickham & Nathan Goble The Little Layout Company - July 2016

Lydford Road 00 Modern Image

Attached Image: Untitled-1.jpg Attached Image: DSCN1748A.jpg Attached Image: DSCN1749A.jpg Attached Image: DSCN1742A.jpg Attached Image: DSCN1743A.jpg Attached Image: DSCN1752A.jpg Attached Image: DSCN1740A.jpg Attached Image: DSCN1745A.jpg Attached Image: DSCN1736A.jpg . 00 1990 12ft x 5ft DCC Andy Richards None, feel free to contact me to book

Jewal Line

Attached Image: DSC_0134a.jpg Attached Image: DSC_0137a.jpg Attached Image: DSC_0135a.jpg Attached Image: DSC_0133a.jpg Attached Image: DSC_0132a.jpg Attached Image: DSC_0130a.jpg http://www.rmweb.co....icro-that-grew/ 00 1950's 7'6" x 7" Shunting Plank Neil Mort Furness Model Railway Club 2015 show, Southport 2015

Loch Dore

Attached Image: mag6.jpg Attached Image: rm4.jpg Attached Image: rm2.jpg Attached Image: rm3.jpg none 4 m/m 16.5 finescale Mids 1980's 12'0" x 1'6" Branch Line Terminus Ian Harper None at present please contact me to book the layout

Mickleover (GN)

Attached Image: DSCF0009.JPG Attached Image: dscf0041crop.jpg Attached Image: dscf00302.jpg [attachment=623532:dscf00302.jpg][attachment=623533:dscf0041crop.jpg][attachment=623534:DSCF0009.JPG]

Mickleover (GN).

[size=4]Mickleover was an intermediate station on the Great Northern Railways
N gauge 1950-1960 13' x 2' Continuous Double Track Kevin Smith Cleethorpes 2016, Doncaster 2016

West Allen Street

Attached Image: 10404266_10153401515843430_6883510015546014126_n.jpg None HO 1970-1980 1'x4' (with an extra 1' fiddle stick) American Industrial Micro Layout Dan Beresford Wakefield 2016