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  Layout Name Featured Image Website Scale / Gauge Era Size Type Layout Owner Forthcoming exhibitions booked

Aberdeen Kirkhill T&RSD

[attachment=496980:IPC] Thread on RMweb: http://www.rmweb.co....ll-trsd/?p=8265

Youtube video:
OO 1987/88 24.5' x 2' Large shunting plank Glenn Daniel and Graham Harris Stafford 2015, Model Rail Scotland 2015, Perth Green 2015, Turner's Folly 2015, Derby 2015

Brighton East

Attached Image: DSC00989rm.jpg Attached Image: DSC00986rm.jpg Attached Image: IMG_0160 small.jpg RMweb layout thread
4mm EM 1998 - 2003 13' x 1' 10" Southern Region 3rd Rail based around Brighton David and Matthew Smith Southampton 24/25th Jan 2015
Tring 17th October 2015
SHMRC Portsmouth 28th Nov 2015
Stafford February 2016
EXPO EM May 2016

Orchard Road

Attached Image: Orchard Road 02.JPG Attached Image: Orchard Road 09.JPG Follow construction here, along with photos. 00 1975 to 1983 2m x 450mm End-to-end Richard Slate (Mudmagnet) Warley, WycRail, Cheltenham

Port of Avon

Attached Image: image.jpg Attached Image: image.jpg N/a OO gauge Present 8ft by 20inches including fiddle yard Persevered harbour Michael Abbott None yet


Attached Image: k9.jpg Attached Image: k10.jpg See RMWEB layout thread

Based upon an Admiralty branch built during the First World War and supposedly taken over by the GNSR and set in early Spring 1968, specifically Easter weekend, Kinmundy serves the local populace including the adjoining RAF station and nearby distillery. Signature feature is a 'cold and frosty morning' look

Image used with kind permission of Andy York/BRM
EM 18.2mm Easter 1968 16'x1'6'' Branch Line Terminus with attatched Distillery Martin Jones Doncaster/York/Liverpool/Trainwest/DEMU 2015


  Other Scale
Attached Image: Smrzovka2012 (45).JPG See the Smrzovka thread in the rmweb forum
Continental TT, 2mm 2005 - present day 16 feet by 3 feet continuous run roundhouse, WarbonnetUK TBC

Cane River, Louisiana

Attached Image: N&CRR.jpg Attached Image: 20141005_152252-1_zps5a87fc40.jpg Attached Image: 20141005_143602_8_bestshot_zpse46105db.jpg Attached Image: 20141002_165710_2_bestshot-1_zps1165d952.jpg [attachment=492957:20141005_152252-1_zps5a87fc40.jpg] N scale 1:160 1950's-Present 10'6" by 1'6" End to End Shunting layout Dan Beresford TVNAM Exhibition 2015

Reely Grate

Attached Image: r&p.jpg http://makhisbragg41...om/mikes-micros 7mm 0 gauge 1945-1955 1.3 metresx0.5 metres Idustrial Micro Layout Mike Bragg NEWGOG 18th April 2015
Sutton Coldfield 25/26th April

Primrose Hill

Attached Image: r&p2.jpg http://makhisbragg41...om/mikes-micros 7mm 0 gauge 1945-1955 1.3 metresx0.5 metres Idustrial Micro Layout Mike Bragg Warley 22/23 November 2014
Kettering 0 gauge show 7th March 2015
Hardwicke 29th March

Fryers Lane

Attached Image: 15388085949_39d4c1a086_o.jpg Progress on constructing Fryers Lane can be followed here 4mm / P4 c1988 4m x 0.5m Through running, fiddle yard to fiddle yard Mark Forrest Scaleforum 2015

City Basin Goods

Attached Image: city basin goods.jpg None N Late 1960s 8 foot * 18 inches Hands Free Shunting Layout Stephen Dance TBC - One of the Tring exhibitions 2015

Yard Shunter

Attached Image: Yard Shunter at  2013 020.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at  2013 022.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at  2013 001.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at  2013 009.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at 2013 010.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at Cheltenham 2013 023.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at 2013 003.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter 1.JPG http://www.rmweb.co....-shunter/page-1 4mm 00gauge 1948 / 1960s 8ft x 2ft steam / diesel Ray Norwood NEC Warley 2015

Hounslow Sidings

Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 570.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 559.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 537.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow Sidings 535.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 557.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 538.jpg Attached Image: hounslow sidings 004 (1500x1125).jpg Attached Image: hounslow sidings 011 (1400x1050).jpg http://www.rmweb.co....-sidings/page-1 4mm 00gauge 1950s,1960s 5ft 6ins x 2ft steam / diesel Ray Norwood Barnstaple MRC, Helston MRC, Hayle MRC, Bideford charity event.

Avon Junction

Attached Image: 30052011206.jpg www.tonbridgemrc.com OO 1930's/40's 23'x18" Fiddleyard to Fiddleyard straight through Avon Junction preservation group Burgess Hill 2015

Horseley Fields

Attached Image: HF 002a.jpg See "Horseley Fields" thread on RM Web N Gauge 1:148 scale 9-present 8' scenic area, being expanded to 12' giving 16' x 3' Exhibition NGS Northants and Cambs area group Princes Risborough Feb 2015
Ely May 2015
Beaconsfield Oct 2015
Eurospoor, Utrecht, October 2015
High Wycombe 2016


Attached Image: IMG_0111.JPG See RMWeb Layout Topics under "Woodstowe" 4mm scale, OO gauge 1950s 11.5 feet x 2 feet End to end terminus to fiddle yard David Cox Canterbury (Jan 2015) + others to be confirmed.

The Sheaf Valley Railway

Attached Image: 46887_152025651657546_492527014_n.jpg Attached Image: 10157222_227811074079003_443024287167964278_n.jpg . N Preservation 12ft x 1ft End to End Ollie Reading - Barnsley 8/9th November 2014
- Model Rail Scotland 20/21/22nd February 2015
- Basingstoke 14/15th March 2015
- The International N Gauge Show September 2015
- BRM Peterborough October 2015
- Warley November 2015

Abbotswood Junction

Attached Image: Trevor Jones 10 resized.jpg Youtube - 4mm/00 Late 60s - early 70s 12 x 10 - space preferred 16 x 12 Continuous run with fiddle yard at rear Phil and James Bullock Cheltenham Dec 2014
Trainwest April 2015
Stow - May 2015
Great Electric train show Oct 2015
Eastcombe - 2016 provisional
RMweb live 2016
Newbury - 2017 provisional


Attached Image: 014.JPG Attached Image: DSCF0856.JPG N/A 4mm 00 Gauge 2000's 11ft x 18in End to end Alan Cheadle Prov. Wirksworth 2015, Burton 2015, Mickleover 2015

Grantham - The Streamliner Years

Attached Image: A1 & C1 at N.jpg http://www.rmweb.co....eamliner-years/ 4mm / OO gauge 1930's LNER 33 ft x 17 ft Continuous circuit, fiddle yard at rear Graham Nicholas Warley Nov 2014 (part-layout, demo)
Grantham Rail Show Sep 2015

Greyscroft Mine

Attached Image: IMGP7648-001.JPG http://www.rmweb.co....GP7648-001.JPG] 4mm/EM 1955 21' x 11' Round and round Paul Gallon Hull 8th & 9th November 2014
ExpoEM 2015
ExpoEM North 2015

Black Country Blues

Attached Image: Feature6s.jpg http://www.rmweb.co....project-layout/ 4mm scale - EM gauge 1970s Appx 30' x 3' inc fiddleyards Fiddle to Fiddle via scenic section Staffordshire Finescale Group Railex (Aylesbury) 2015
Halifax 2015