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  Layout Name Featured Image Website Scale / Gauge Era Size Type Layout Owner Forthcoming exhibitions booked

City Basin Goods

Attached Image: city basin goods.jpg None N Late 1960s 8 foot * 18 inches Hands Free Shunting Layout Stephen Dance TBC - One of the Tring exhibitions 2015

Yard Shunter

Attached Image: Yard Shunter at  2013 020.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at  2013 022.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at  2013 001.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at  2013 009.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at 2013 010.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at Cheltenham 2013 023.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter at 2013 003.JPG Attached Image: Yard Shunter 1.JPG http://www.rmweb.co....-shunter/page-1 4mm 00gauge 1948 / 1960s 8ft x 2ft steam / diesel Ray Norwood NEC Warley 2015

Hounslow Sidings

Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 570.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 559.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 537.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow Sidings 535.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 557.jpg Attached Image: Hounslow sidings 538.jpg Attached Image: hounslow sidings 004 (1500x1125).jpg Attached Image: hounslow sidings 011 (1400x1050).jpg http://www.rmweb.co....-sidings/page-1 4mm 00gauge 1950s,1960s 5ft 6ins x 2ft steam / diesel Ray Norwood Barnstaple MRC, Helston MRC, Hayle MRC, Bideford charity event.

Avon Junction

Attached Image: 30052011206.jpg www.tonbridgemrc.com OO 1930's/40's 23'x18" Fiddleyard to Fiddleyard straight through Avon Junction preservation group Burgess Hill 2015

Horseley Fields

Attached Image: HF 002a.jpg See "Horseley Fields" thread on RM Web N Gauge 1:148 scale 9-present 8' scenic area, being expanded to 12' giving 16' x 3' Exhibition NGS Northants and Cambs area group Princes Risborough Feb 2015
Ely May 2015
Beaconsfield Oct 2015
Eurospoor, Utrecht, October 2015
High Wycombe 2016


Attached Image: IMG_0111.JPG See RMWeb Layout Topics under "Woodstowe" 4mm scale, OO gauge 1950s 11.5 feet x 2 feet End to end terminus to fiddle yard David Cox Canterbury (Jan 2015) + others to be confirmed.

The Sheaf Valley Railway

Attached Image: 46887_152025651657546_492527014_n.jpg Attached Image: 10157222_227811074079003_443024287167964278_n.jpg . N Preservation 12ft x 1ft End to End Ollie Reading - Barnsley 8/9th November 2014
- Model Rail Scotland 20/21/22nd February 2015
- Basingstoke 14/15th March 2015
- The International N Gauge Show September 2015
- BRM Peterborough October 2015
- Warley November 2015

Abbotswood Junction

Attached Image: Trevor Jones 10 resized.jpg Youtube - 4mm/00 Late 60s - early 70s 12 x 10 - space preferred 16 x 12 Continuous run with fiddle yard at rear Phil and James Bullock Cheltenham Dec 2014
Trainwest April 2015
Stow - May 2015
Great Electric train show Oct 2015
Eastcombe - 2016 provisional
RMweb live 2016
Newbury - 2017 provisional


Attached Image: 014.JPG Attached Image: DSCF0856.JPG N/A 4mm 00 Gauge 2000's 11ft x 18in End to end Alan Cheadle Prov. Wirksworth 2015, Burton 2015, Mickleover 2015

Grantham - The Streamliner Years

Attached Image: A1 & C1 at N.jpg http://www.rmweb.co....eamliner-years/ 4mm / OO gauge 1930's LNER 33 ft x 17 ft Continuous circuit, fiddle yard at rear Graham Nicholas Warley Nov 2014 (part-layout, demo)
Grantham Rail Show Sep 2015

Greyscroft Mine

Attached Image: IMGP7648-001.JPG http://www.rmweb.co....GP7648-001.JPG] 4mm/EM 1955 21' x 11' Round and round Paul Gallon Hull 8th & 9th November 2014
ExpoEM 2015
ExpoEM North 2015

Black Country Blues

Attached Image: Feature6s.jpg http://www.rmweb.co....project-layout/ 4mm scale - EM gauge 1970s Appx 30' x 3' inc fiddleyards Fiddle to Fiddle via scenic section Staffordshire Finescale Group Railex (Aylesbury) 2015
Halifax 2015