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TTS decoder in a Bachman 22 pin class 37

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Posted 16 May 2018 - 11:46

When you say resets the whole decoder does that mean it goes back to how it was bought or completely erases it?

Puts it back to ex-factory settings.
You cannot delete the sound files on a TTS decoder by ‘accident’ - or any other way to the best of my knowledge.
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#27 cravensdmufan



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Posted 16 May 2018 - 20:21

Hi Cravensdmufan ...
Its actually not been run on the layout as yet !! The short srction i used to video from, is actualky my seperate programing line ( i use an NCE powercab ) and its just 3 feet long !!
So it can't be a power drop !!
If wheels were that mucky, surely it wouldnt "crawl" for as far as it does without cuttong out almost immediately??......
Ave cleaned 'em just to be sure.
Still puzzled !!!
Thankyou. Anyways.......

Allan - well I've run out of ideas on that one!  Quite possibly a dodgy decoder then.


Maybe test the decoder in another 8 pin loco (not a Heljan!). If it behaves in that it eliminates a decoder fault.


If still dodgy I would return it to the retailer (as per Sale of Goods Act or whatever it's called!) rather than the manufacturer.  It's up to them to sort it out with Hornby.  As discussed on another TTS topic on here.  There are so many different TTS topics on RMW, I can't remember which thread!


Let us know how you get on.