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About this blog

Sometimes I need to fix a problem with a model, and sometimes I just decide to "improve" it. What could go wrong? Mainly N gauge Swiss.

Entries in this blog

Replacing the motors in a Lilliput N gauge FLIRT

Here’s another model that commonly has a manufacturing flaw, the Lilliput FLIRT EMU in N gauge. As others have found, mine would operate very nicely for a few minutes then, when you want to reverse the direction, it just locked up and wouldn’t go anywhere. Apparently this is a flaw in the motors, and as this model has 2 motors, the chances of getting the problem are doubled.    I put the model aside for some years and only recently got round to looking at it again.    I first

Arnold SBB Rbe4/4 (Rbe540) gearbox troubles

I bought this model 2nd hand off eBay some years ago, but I've never run it much, and I haven't got round to installing a decoder, because it developed A Problem not long after I got it.    Basically, when it runs, it clicks and when it goes round bends it screeches. The click seems to be located in one of the bogies and the coupling at that end jogs up and down in time with the click. I suspected a broken gear wheel somewhere and filed it under "probably very difficult". Fast forward
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