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A modest model of a small proto type freight only line in N.E.Lincs


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Building the A180 Flyover #2

The concrete deck itself is simply a length of wooden shelf with a wooden strip either side forming the footways. Simple and strong should keep it's shape and stand up to occasional handling, the weight keeps it in place very well with nothing more than some rubber pads were the bearings are on the prototype.

Paul G

Paul G in Structures

Building the A180 Flyover

I wanted the deck to be removeable which meant the legs needed to be strong enough with out being integral. I originaly started cutting some out of wood but in the end I had some lazer cut by York model rail. They were of course able to get nice sharp precise angles and edges and the lines of the concrete molding so well. As these would be right by the track they'd be very seen. Only 4mm sheets of ply that I chose for the durability could be done by the cutter so each leg was built up in layers

Paul G

Paul G in Structures

More new locos and stock

I have been busy working on the layout over the last year and have not been on here for a while only having started to use the site a while before it went down. I have some images saved of it's development that in time I may post in retrospect. At the present with the layout senics and all largely finished I'm just aquiring some last items of stock. Pictured is the last of three Bachmann 37s I've just purchased additional to the two I already had. These all need weathering along with q
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