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Started in 2004, this layout was originally an end to end with a run-round loop and a bay platform. It now forms part of double track layout. I built it in the early days when I hadn't really taken into account moving it about so its 2m long and about 630mm wide. However it has been moved about 5 times from house to house. It started as an analog layout and then was converted to DCC, then lots of wires for everything were added but in 2020 I discovered MERG and CBUS so its be re-wired again which has simplfied the underboard somewhat. The original layout consists of baseboard 1. But following another move I am now adding about 12 new baseboards to it plus a rear upper deck


Layout is in an insulated loft ontop of kitchen base units for storage.


Its not prototypical but wouldn't look out of place for a somewhere place for somewhere in the GWR / Midland territory. The station on baseboard 1 does have Great Central influences as is scratchbuilt. I like running GWR/ LMS / LNER and BR Standard steam locomotives, plus early diesels so its the early 1960s on the lower deck. The top deck is intended to be 1960s to 1990s but will retain semaphore signalling. It could also be a double track heritage railway......

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Relays and Servos

For the last few weeks I have spent time working on installing more servo motors, laying more track, extending the top deck of the baseboard in the corner (a mis measurement when cutting it meant I couldn't fit the inner radius in) and starting to install the sections using relay switches.   With the servos I am experimenting with a different type of mount, I found a type on Ebay which is just a L shape metal piece of angle with some holes and these are proving to be far better than th


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