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    Coastguard Creek - 15 months of planning!

    By SouthernRegionSteam

    Hold on to your socks - this is going to be a lengthy one! (In fact it's so long, I've now split it into 2 separate posts - the next will be up soon...)   I think it's fair to say that you are all long overdue an update on Coastguard Creek. Due to other commitments, no real progress has been made since the last post way back in March 2021; almost 15 months ago! If anything, things went backwards for quite a while, as I kept finding more and more inspiring locations that I really wanted

The 1/50 project, Some bogies and frames.

A wheel to start with. That’s a 20mm  tyre from an old romford wheel soldered to a turned steel disc with a bit of brass tube in the middle. Tube is 3 mm id, 3.5 mm od.       From which a pair of axles The unpowered one has a 3mm silver steel axle , the n20 is a snug fit into the tube for the powered one.  The bearings are Gibson, carefully opened out from 1/8 to 3.5 mm     Bogie frames cut from 1mm brass. I have used the Gibson hornguides. These days

'Three Colours : Red'

... Scarlet, and Crimson with rage.  A point has broken, so must be dug out thus destroying all the track leading from it, then replaced and ballasted again.  I tried to fix it by soldering a 'jump lead' to the following rail, but did the wrong rail (should have been the inner), and cut the wire too short to move it to the correct one.  My, how I laughed on realising.       There is plenty of 'real life' going on around me to keep this problem in perspective, but why bal

A day out : D.E.M.U. Show-case 2022.

In an effort to escape the problems on my own layout (see future post), I sought solace last weekend at Sutton Coldfield.  Glad to see it is now rather easier to reach by public transport.  Realising quickly (a) how difficult it is to photograph a layout that captures its atmosphere accurately, and (b) it is impossible to photograph every one, I offer (sadly mediocre) photographs of three.   Being a declining wagon-load goods yard in B.R. Blue, it was inevitable 'Clackmannan Goods' was

3 - Baseboard construction

Note this post has been updated following the loss of photos on RMWeb   There are some beautifully engineered baseboard on RMWeb, and even if I was working in an empty room my woodworking skills are not that good.  My layout is built on existing loft ties about 1.5m off the floor as above those ties it's an empty void.  I have had additional 100x50mm struts on which the baseboard can rest but this is an old house and the tops of these timbers are not level and have also twisted a bit. 

FREMO UK July 2022 unofficial meeting

Just back from a good weekend in the country running H0 model trains to timetable with fast clock and waybills.   Hopefully these photos give a flavour. As in previous posts I'm using the phone camera which takes away all precision and produces an impressionistic result, but this can be nice even though a greater depth of field might be more realistic.   Everyone with a module has much work to do either filling in the gaps and adding detail, or just putting something on the b


readingtype in FREMO

Last Up passenger working of Day 79

Relatively clean H Class 0-4-4T No. 31265 stands with Trio-C set No. 595 forming the last Up passenger working of the day from Cill, the 10pm to Epple. It must be high summer as it's still light. One more train is expected, the last Down passenger service of the day, due to arrive from Epple at 10.25 p.m. and work back ECS at 10.30 p.m. Although booked for a pull-push motor train it has been worked by a DEMU for the last few days.     Taken on a Fujifilm X-T30 with a 15-45m z

Stourpayne Marshall - a few new pics (plus added King's Hintock)

Yesterday's recap seemed to go down well (thanks all who kindly visited) so I thought I'd take a few more general snaps around the layout for the benefit of those who haven't seen it before, or lately!   These were mostly taken freehand with just the automatic setting on my camera so the depth of field is fuzzy in places. Normally I use a tripod but it wasn't handy there and then. However I think there is something quite pleasant and old-school about a good old slightly

Barry Ten

Barry Ten in S&D

Meridian Generic Rail Universal Barrier Vehicles

Having put a fleet of the NVA ex-GUV Motorail vans together I was wondering what had happened to the rest of the prototypes....   A bit of googling revealed: https://www.meridian-generic-rail.co.uk/universal-barrier-vehicles/   I have therefore been working on modifying my NVA to be able to print these.....     I intend to source some dellner couplings for them and am working on the graphics and colour scheme...  

Stoupayne Marshall progress

I've really neglected this blog since 2021, mainly because I was more focussed on the French stuff in the build-up to the RMweb member's day, but it's high time for a modest update to show some recent alterations.         In this shot, S&D allocated 9F 92006 waits for the go-ahead to depart Stourpayne Marshall with a Bournemouth to Bath stopping train.   What may be of interest is that until recently, this shot couldn't have been taken, as it would hav

Barry Ten

Barry Ten in S&D

2 - Layout design with SCARM

Note this post has been updated following the loss of photos on RMWeb Converting a loft for a model rail layout The only internal timbers in my loft are three ties at roughly chest height you can just see all three in this shot of the loft as it was insulated:  It seemed logical to use this to support my layout.   Timber in 1946 was clearly of better quality as these are just 50x100mm in section and yet they stop the roof sagging by being connected to purlins around the edge

The 1/50 project, a cardboard loco.

I think it will take me a while to get used to the size of a larger scale. Years of working in 4mm has put me in a mindset of the size of things, experience tells me the kind of internal volumes of things so I can make a reasonable guess at what will fit where.   A change of scale, period and a move to diesel means that I’m not totally sure about things. Spending a bit of time looking at various photos on the net has condensed my ideas. So an imaginary line in an imaginary country or i

A trio of 3MTs

There are currently three BR Standard 3MT tanks available for service in the Epple district and hence likely to be found on the Cill branch.  Today they were all brought down to Cill and lined up on the run round loop for inspection and photography ...   All taken with a Fujifilm X-T30 in indirect daylight reflected off white card using a 15-45mm zoom lens set to 28mm focal length and an ISO setting of 160 overexposed by 1/3 stop and adjusted in Paint.net.     8201

Beyond the Baseboard

Looking back, I am a serial baseboard builder. I enjoy the woodworking and I'm happy with the results. My last effort was a simple working diorama plank with scenery (see profile photo) now home life has settled down again I'm having another go. This time trying an Ikea Lack shelf with an N gauge inglenook (Boomerang generation (sad consequence of the pandemic) mean my space is restricted again. Starting with a 110cm shelf, because it fitted over my bench I realised that by rationalising my


Liddy in Lack

1 - Introduction

Note this post has been updated following the loss of photos on RMWeb   Like many kids back in the day I had a train set. In my case my dad got my brother & me a Hymek Freightliner set from Hornby. It was setup on an 8' x 4' board and stowed under my bed when not in use.  We got bored of it pretty quickly and eventually it died a horrible death like some of the figures in the original Toy Story! Fifty odd years later and along bought of illness & enforced rest and I suddenly go

'The difficult second wagon kit'; or, errors to avoid when building a 'OO' Peco 'Parkside' Ale Pallet wagon (ULV).

Both surprised and pleased with the results of my pretend-ODA first kit previously, I bought a Peco 'Parkside' PC60 BR Ale Pallet Wagon.  An excuse to run something more unusual in my Southern Region goods yard, using 'Rule 1' to extend their working life into the late-1970's wagon-load network for breweries nationwide.   Had I the time and talent, I would write a 'missing manual', but will just offer some tips I should have noted so others, if interested, do not make the same mistakes

Modifying the old baseboard

At first I wanted the layout's size to remain the same but have an entirely new track plan.   Below is the original plan. The black lines represent points. The green is where I've coloured over existing track and would be removed from the new plan. There would be one loop on the inner track but the outer track would be an end to end with a run round at each side of the layout. The level crossing would need removing as would the point next to it.     I then foun

The 1/50 project, deciding on some dimensions

I suppose a reasonable place to start would be to decide on a rough loading gauge. Now I know it can be complex in theory. Real railways have to consider all sorts, overhang on curves, cant angle and so on. So I dug about and found a selection of mainly European loading gauges and did a bit of rough averaging. Hmm.   Having done that I made a realistic guess at the profile of stock to run in it.         That looks sensible to me, subject to change. Very si

Getting the old baseboard out

Two months ago, I started work on a new OO gauge layout. I planned to update my old OO gauge roundy-roundy and have a new track plan to suit the dimensions of the existing baseboard. It had an MDF surface and a wooden frame.    The layout was located in my Grandad's garage as there was no room at my house to store it. It's been a long time since it has last been used. It was stored away around 2018 to make room for Draxbridge. So when I told Grandad my plan, he said he'd leave the car

Bury Goods loco, part the second.

Having tackled the frames and being happy with those, I turned my attention to the guts that are hopefully going to make this wee beestie move. A rummage through the ‘tray of delights’ resulted in a selection of gears as follows: one 38:1 worm and pinion (Ultrascale), one 10t spur and two 20t spurs (Branchlines). The first of these is just an idler, the second will be the fixed drive gear on the axle.   Today’s job was to drill and cut two gearbox sides ensuring everything was in t

Tarmac, or water in flood?

No, it is not a Turner sea-scape, but my umpteenth attempt to get a simple, even coat of tarmac-grey on the loading area for my goods-yard.   I started with a darkened (water-based) Green Scene 'Light Tarmac' textured paint, and failed to apply it evenly.  Then I decided to cover this with a coat of sieved sand, glued down with P.V.A.  This did not adhere evenly either, not helped by my doing it in three areas (if immediately after each other on the same after-noon).  'Bother', I thoug

Tweedale - Been There Done That

As I continue to wallow about in Tweedale's little backwater of dubious freelancedom and outdated technology, I keep getting these feelings of deja vu. It started with the reappearance of Castleport. Now Tweemoor Yard has also made a comeback. If I'd known I would be going around in circles like this I would have hung on to the original versions! Although the new scene is not an exact copy of the original Tweemoor, there is a rather creepy family resemblance.   I had a couple o


awoodford in dunno

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