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Destruction for redevelopment.




Hi everyone...


I managed to get a little more work done yesterday.


Having placed the extra added detail that I am putting into the body of the K2, it means that I really needed to have a look at all of the valve gear as I really wasn't happy with it. It works well enough with the working reverser etc, but I was never going to be happy with the look of it, so I have started to take it apart, piece by piece, detailing each piece, chemically blackening them, and then replacing them on the rolling chassis.


here is a before and after..






The main part that has been worked on so far is the eccentric rod, which has been thickened by double by soldering onto a piece of scrap nickel, then filed down, but more importantly, I have added a forked joint onto the expansion link, as per prototype, and the return crank end has been reprofiled. I still need to put a cork on the return crank end, but I want to drill the hole using a pillar drill so that will have to wait until next I am at WMHQ.


The return crank has been 'beefed up' and a little detail added, though it still needs a little more attention. Hopefully the rods will look as good as the rest when it is done..





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The new eccentric rod looks the buisness. It's lovely to see proto-typical valve gear modelled and it knocks the socks off the first incarnation. Will look forward to see an updated video on You Tube biggrin.gif



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I want to drill the hole using a pillar drill so that will have to wait until next I am at WMHQ.


Always welcome to use the pillar drill here JB.

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Thanks for the offer Adrian, I managed with the eccentric rods, but the main rods will need a pillar drill... may well take you up on the offer if i don't get to WMHQ next week.. :icon_thumbsup2:



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