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More on the pug and much more

Sylvian Tennant



I've updated my blog, ready to annoy the world! and here's the jist of what I've been doing this past week... nothing too concentrated but alot of progress.




Well my pugbash is coming along quite nicely.


I last left off at the body work and now she is all black


Here though you can see the main sub-assemblies in this terrible picture I took.




Anyway... here's the latest. There a big bits missing which will be painted over eventually when she is touched up. The buffer beams are to be the obligatory red and certain parts with be repainted black.






Also I've been working on my 16mm tram loco and so far have gotten the chassis painted black and the moving bits primed for painting... you guessed it, red.








I've totally wired it up too using some pretty wires :D


I've also been fixing my Q1's lubricator as I snagged it about 2 years ago!






and finally I got this in the post!




for my Five79 Joffre kit.. more on that later!

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Nice work there, Sylvia ! But, Fluxite ? Nasty, corrosive stuff ! Personally, I swear ( frequently ) by Carr's products............and, by the way, I prefer Tamiya German grey ( feldgrau ) to black..........you can always highlight with black afterwards.

Good luck with the 16mm, I was involved some years ago, but got tired of all that digging for a garden line



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Hi there Gerrynick


Cheers for the tips there, I'll hunt around for the carr's stuff and the german grey. I do have nato black which appears to be good for clean weathering. 



16mm, atm I'm still using LGB/Aristocraft track, I'm a littled daunted by the whole digging thing.

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