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Cold of Death!

Sylvian Tennant



I hate Cold of Death, it's so small yet so, so unbearable... meh!


I've managed to pretty much finish my lower body for my 16mm scale tram loco, only the floor planking is left to do which is currently drying off.



I'll need to cut into the planking for locating the speed controller and battery pack but all is done pretty much :)


The side skirts are 020" plastic card, with foot holes and panels cut out. Strengthened with mahogany and removable plywood panels added for access and to give the option of seeing the motion.








The cowcatchers (another b*****y nightmare!) were given a playwood base with plastic strip and brass making up the corner bars.




the vacuum pipe (a very sophisticated railway) is just some plastic pipe with copper wound around it.




I added a pouty out buffer beam as per the loosely based prototype and the rivets (70 in total) are peco track pins cut to length and fitted into drilled holes.




All of this and other inane bits of my life are descried in great detail on my blog http://sylviantennantmodelling.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/death-is-a-runny-nose/



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