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It's almost 1am! and I need sleep!

Sylvian Tennant



But not before I boast my latest update at you unfortunate few!


I've been building up my wagons (three to be precise) a coal wagon, an open general merchandise wagon and a box van, all from IP engineering.


But not content with the basic appearance of the finished article I decided to give them a bit of do over.






The sole bars had some plastikard pieces added to represents some iron parts for the supports as well as a builders plates. Some of the 00 gauge track pins became useful again as rivets and bolts.


I also simulated a brake gear from some spare plywood from the kits (always keep them, they do come in handy!)




For the general open wagon and the van, I am going to add some vacuum pipes but they too needed a little modification so out came some brass rod and plastic tubing. I am also going to add a tarpaulin hood on the open wagon negating any upper body detailing..


As the coal wagon is to be exposed, I decided to add some plastic strip to represent as the metal strip you can see on open wagons (but rarely modelled!)


I also gave the corner brackets some chain kept in place by some copper loop.






In other news, I finally managed to get Jemima steaming and I was well impressed with her.






Even Ted the driver was happy to be at the regulator.




Mind you, not everything went to plan!




For a more in depth look and for my terrible overview of York Expo, please do visit my blog... the link is somewhere!




there it is!

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Looks great fun, I've always fancied a garden railway. Lovely looking wagons, I'm going to have to check out this IP Engineering gang!



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Its defiantly an extravagant toy.


There are a couple of things that go against it, mainly being the pricing and the size. There's also the security to think about plus the domestic politics. 


But all things considered, it doesn't have to be that expensive depending on what you want from the hobby. The reason I managed to afford a Lady Anne was purely down to 6 months saving up and a bloody mindedness towards it. I'm lucky that I don't have many bills to pay, only the rent to my parents and my mobile phone contract. 


However, as you may have seen, I'm also working on a tram loco using an IP Engieering chassis which is costing me around

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