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Orange Juice Factory Starting to take shape



Over the past couple of days I have made a concerted effort to make a start on the second On30 module that needs to be ready for the January 2010 CRM Exhibition in Crewe. The first step was to dig the 2 modules out from under the workbench and store the 45mm stuff out of the way for a while.


The turntable module is a at a detailing stage and has taken up its place on the left bench of the garden shed. The Orange Growers module is somewhat further behind and has taken up reidence on the right side of the shed. The modules will be making up a long straight layout when connected to other CRM members modules, but here at home they form a U shape linked by a static viaduct that never leaves home.


Like this




The On30 Turntable Module




The fixed viaduct




Because I have both OO and On30 modules the viaduct is not scale specific, in fact in the last picture, taken a while ago it is shown with some OO coaches crossing. This next picture shows a view from the On30 Turntable module into the viaduct section (this time with On30 stock)




Finally the last blog post showed the Orange growers On30 Module as it was till Friday night (BARE !)


Here it is after a couple of afternoons with some signmakers plastic and a knife.....








It all looks a bit white at the moment !!! But hoefully in the coming days / weeks that will change.


Till the next time.


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