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St Ruth

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Aldershot 2013




Just back from an enjoyable weekend with St Ruth at the Aldershot show organised by the Farnham and District MRC.


Getting the new sea siding crossover finished in time for the show was a bit of a struggle. We could certainly have used some more time to deal with the stickiness that always seems to happen as soon as new track is painted... and then again when it is ballasted. It managed to (mostly) make it through the weekend though.


The other new items were a new goods yard shunting scheme to cope with the loss of the loop, Ian's new trees, Steve's mess hut and a revised backscene with a semi-3d effect.


I think that John must have really burned the midnight oil on the backscene. It has been underway for most of the summer but last Tuesday it was completely white so it was a huge surprise to see it in glorious technicolour when the layout was put together on Friday night. It makes a vast difference to the visual impact of the layout. Here's John filling in one last bit of missing colour before the lighting pelmets went on. Is that a cup of coffee that I see on the beach?




Chris also produced a special train to take full advantage of the new operational possibilities of the sea siding to show how the railway used the laws of physics to move empty coaches into the platform without the need for one of those costly loco things. It also produces some interesting effects if it isn't perfectly coupled to the loco when it departs for London.




Thanks to Ian Morgan and David Stratton for stepping in to help out with operating the layout at short notice. Both of them got the hang of our schedule and St Ruth's controls very quickly and did a sterling job for the whole weekend. Thanks too to Mr Brummitt for delivering a certain trophy to us from far off Bolton and to the judges who awarded it to us. And finally of course thanks to Noel and the team for organising a great show.


Next up... Burton on Trent in 3 weeks time. I think that the main work before then will be some more debugging of the new bits.


A few photos of some other layouts that caught my eye. As usual my photos don't do them justice...


Loch Tat - lovely colouring











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Dr Station Cat and I were highly impressed by the new backscene - really helps draw the scene together and bring further life to it.

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Thanks Mike. Glad you both enjoyed it.


We really need to figure out a way to get the operators more 'in touch' with the visitors though because it would be nice to have a chat. The position of the lighting pelmets does mean that the chaps at the back are rather cut off from the viewers... although some might say that's the best place for us.


Regards, Andy

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Really disappointed that I couldn't be there to help out (hopefully I will be fit enough for Burton) - it looks like it was a really good show.


John really has done an impressive job on the back scene, it certainly adds depth.



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Congratulations on winning the layout trophy, a well deserved award for a fantastic layout.


Missy :)

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Thank you Ian, Lisa and Julia.


I hope you are up to rejoining the team for Burton Ian.


Regards, Andy

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Can I echo the congratulations on the trophy to the St Ruth team. Well deserved.


It also only occurred to me the other day about your layout name... :D


1. struth


1) An example of australian slang, 'struth' is used to denot an exclamation.


2) 'my goodness'

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Can I echo the congratulations on the trophy to the St Ruth team. Well deserved.

Thanks Pete.


It also only occurred to me the other day about your layout name... :D

Ssshh! don't let on!

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I look forward to seeing this again. Regarding the operators when I had an 0 gauge exhibition layout my friends who helped with the operating decided they preferred to operate out the front this was helped by the fact that the turnout were all operated from a small box on a wander lead this got taped to the back of a handheld controller and hey presto total walkabout control.


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Thanks Don. Our control panel is attached via fairly long leads and could in theory be mounted at the front. It's four feet long though and needs to be in the centre of the layout so I think it would be pretty intrusive at a public show (as well as being upside down).


I did suggest that we try it at the 2mm Expo in June but it didn't happen because there's nothing to hold it in place at the front of the layout. Maybe one day.


Regards, Andy

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