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Ex-NER brake van

Sylvian Tennant



Hello, I'm back for a little while before disappearing again like an elusive ghost in the night.


At the moment I'm working on my sulphate train which will include an ex-LNER brake van bringing up the rear. The brake van is made up of a Dapol kit which is being extensively modified to take up it's representation. So far the chassis is night on complete and just requires the body to complete (well almost, we still need to paint it and number it and weather it).


Any so here he it is.






I'm hooping to have the full train complete in the very near future but not guarantee can be made on that.


Anyway, I have a new blog which details the process a little bit more. Please take a peek... http://sylviantennant.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/a-goods-train-goods-train-goods-train.html


Warning, contains strong Language and abrasive humour. :)


Night night folks.

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