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K2 cab roof and some decoration too... well, it is nearly christmas..




Hello all...


I finally plucked up the courage to do something with the roof of the K2. After about an hour scouring the endless photos in my books and mags, I made educated guess of what was on the top of the K2 roof! And just to prove that the rivets are actually rivets, and not pressed out... :lol:


It would be so much better if I were allowed a pillar drill here... Although a micro pillar drill might be just as handy. Anybody know any good sources for one ? My fingers have gone numb from using the pin vices for drilling....




On the access panel above the backhead I need to use hex head's which I will get on the next order from Scale Hardware.




Okay, so it's not christmas decoration, but at last, there is a major colouring (can you call it colouring?). I completely covered the tender in chemical black, and the idea is that I won't need to use any primer at all which should help in keeping a lot more of all that detail that has been put in. And also, any pint chips on corners or edges won't show up the brass underneath, which ha happened in a few places on the J39. You can all laugh at me if it doesn't work, but if the chemical black works as an etch as well as some people say it does, then it might just work :lol: :icon_thumbsup2:







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Hey Martyn... I have to admit, there is absolutely no smell at all from the product that I use... only smell you get is from the bottle itself, and still it's still not that bad, though of course, I try to not to indulge in my habit of solvent sniffing :lol:


Only joking kids... don't try that at home.. :icon_thumbsdown2:



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It will blacken any ferrous metal, brass, nickel, steel, whitemetal.....


I'm very curious to see how well the pain holds.. :rolleyes:



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I've got a minicraft "drill press" stand - where you slot in the drill. It's a pain to get the drill in and out, but with care (i.e. using a square to ensure the drill is truly vertical), it works well. The downside is that the pressing down action isn't that smooth.

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