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Search and Rescue




It was only when I looked at the photograph of "City of Truro", which I took yesterday, that I noticed that the nameplate was missing! About half of my track is in tunnel, so there was an evens chance that it had dropped off in the tunnel. Fortunately, I have a 'search and rescue' procedure.


Some time ago, I became interested in the idea of shooting video from the footplates of my model locomotive. I found that there was a miniature video camera, popular with aircraft RC enthusisats, which was both very small and gave good quality results, recording HD video onto a micro-SD card.. The camera I bought is known as an '808 #11' and it is packaged within a car key-fob, as a rather dodgy-looking spy-cam. There is now a slightly larger, but conventionally packaged version, called the 'Mobius Actioncam'. You can read loads of information about all these cameras at: http://www.chucklohr.com/808/index.shtml I have posted an example of a video taken with this camera in a Forum thread at http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/74284-mini-video-camera/


In addition to having fun running the camera around my layout, I also mounted it on a wagon, together with a small LED torch, so that I could view inside the tunnels on my railway. I was surprised to see several bit of debris, fallen off passing trains, and was able to recover these through the various hand-holes that I provided in the baseboard.




While on the subject of video, and since there are very few moving trains on these pages, here is a tiny movie that I call, with great originality, "Arrival of a Train". It shows my Stella-class 2-4-0, rebuilt from a Mainline Dean Goods, arriving at my station with a local train of four-wheelers. An original Mainline Dean Goods is waiting in the passing loop. (sorry it's so small - I was keeping within the 1MB limit)





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