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11. The Other Turntable.

John Geeee


The OO Garden Shed


By John Geeee


The first turntable was a learning curve and not all of it was for the good. I decided that the next turntable had to be better in every way. I went for the Peco turntable and I needed a way to motorise it and get better reliability. Whilst visiting an exhibition I came across a Meccano stall and bought a motor some rod, couplings, worm gear and a gear wheel. I made a fixing bracket for the motor from a 6"x4" steel panel and fixed it in place to the baseboards under the turntable. A rod was attached to the underside of the turntable and with a gear wheel and worm gear all was connected to the mecano motor. The motor was wired up to the same Hornby controller used to operate the first turntable, so this provides a variable rotation speed. Then with the help of a couple of isolating switches I could decided which turntable to move. The track is lined up by eye and I think it is easy enough to see. The power to the table track was just tapped off the feeds and returns from the terminus station area via an isolating switch. It took a bit of playing to get the gear drives in the right place but eventually it worked although a little jerky. So finally I added the magic ingredient.. Vaseline! Rub a good blob on the gear and wheel and voila! smooth turning! Yippee!


There are a few wires around but once they are taped out of the way theres nothing to worry about.









And just to show that it works please click on the image link below..




Nwxt up - The Goods Shed.



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