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A very long over due update....



Well it's finally time for an update, well it has been over 6 months lol


I've been so busy with Loco's going across my workbench that it's been difficult to keep track.


As it stands today the tally for West Country's/Battle of Britain's stands at 105 of the 110 strong class covered by me... so far. With 3 more donor's awaiting their turn on the workbench - 34086 219 Squadron (Last Air smoothed), 34032 Camelford (1st Sound Fitted and penultimate 4,500gl tender Rebuilt) and 1 other which identity remains undecided. I just need donors for the other 2 now.


From January 2013 to today, the loco tally is pretty scary...


Southern Region: 8 x WC/BoB's, 3 x Merchant Navy's, 3 x King Arthur's, 1 of each Q1, M7, N, Standard Arthur, Schools


Western Region: 1 of each 28xx, 57xx, 45 xx


Midland Region: 2 x G2a, 1 x Patriot


Eastern Region: 1 of each B1, O4, L1, D11


That includes these two that are currently on my workbench (plus a glimpse at one that is to come..) :


King Arthur (N15) Class 30781 Sir Aglovale (a Sir Lamiel used as donor)




D11 Class 62663 Prince Albert (with a B17 lurking behind)




30781 is just waiting to be masked up ready for weathering and 62663 has just had most of the detailing parts added. As I have found with virtually every Bachmann Loco I've worked on, it will need to be degreased thoroughly before I go anywhere near it with a airbrush, as the lubricant they use just seems to spread everywhere... grrr!!!


Along with the two mentioned above, there are 16 more Loco's that are on the books with more to come...


Just for a treat here's one I weathered earlier ;)




Till next time


James (toboldlygo)

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