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Signals set



Last Friday I met Jon Fitness at Langley Mill railway station and collected the signals he's been building for me. So over the weekend I cut six pretty large holes in the baseboards and fitted all eight aspects.






Only issue is that I miscalculated with the length of servo wires and didn't order enough extension leads. A quick eBay order was placed last night, so hopefully all should be up and running for Mansfield this weekend!


The bases need blending into the scenery, I hope I've saved enough ballast from the removed areas to be able to cover two ground signal bases, the rest are either in cinders or grassed areas so should be easier to disguise :)


I've also started the barrow crossings at either end of the platform - more coffee stirrers, this time from Weatherspoons as they are longer and wider than McDonalds!

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  • RMweb Gold

One thing I do need to sort out is that when you apply power to the layout all the signals revert to "off". It would be better if they were all safe and "on" at the start of play so I'll do a Powercab macro to set them at the start of a session. Might be handy during a show too as I'm sure the "bobby" will leave a few off at times ;)


SWMBO was most amused when I explained to her how you "pull off" a signal to make a train go .....

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The main signal controls movements into the platform and the shunt signal movements into the run-round loop/goods siding


Hope that helps :)

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