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Scale and Gauge: ⅞″n2

Richard T


blog-0012037001400446522.jpgMy chosen combination, 7/8"n2 (7/8":1' or 1:13.7 scale model of 2' gauge), not only has heft and presence, but allows for an accurate representation of 2' gauge using commercially available wheel sets for 45 mm gauge (in common with Gauge 1, IIm, G and Fn3), and scale rail sizes to represent very light rails of 12 lbs/yd and 25 lbs/yd.


[Strictly the gauge is 1 ¾", or 44.45 mm, however in practice wheel sets and mechanisms are interchangeable with 45 mm gauge.]


Occasionally 7/8"n2 is referred to as “M”—the only notable occurrence of the 2' gauge in North America was in Maine, hence the “M”; this has not caught on outside the USA. What did catch on was the US-style nomenclature of inches-to-the-foot.


Modellers of 600 mm gauge prototypes on the Continent sometimes use 7/8"n2, while others model at 1:13.6 or 1:13.3 scale for better accuracy using the same 45 mm gauge; the difference is imperceptible to the naked eye.


I did also consider two other combinations, at opposite ends of the spectrum which interests me:

  • ½"n30 (½":1' or 1:24 scale models of 2'6" gauge prototypes on 32 mm gauge), which would be pleasing and allow modelling of a number of credible prototypes;
  • 1"n15 (1":1' or 1:12 scale models of 15" gauge prototypes on 32 mm gauge) to model a classic minimum-gauge estate railway.

Both of these doll’s house scales allow use of commercially available wheel sets and power units, as well as commercially available models and figures.


The attached table is useful in untangling the plethora of scales and gauges; I have attempted to name all those I have encountered, excluding model engineering gauges larger than 1:12.


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1:32 on 16.5 = 20.8in gauge - close enough to either 21" or 20" gauge as used by the Hudswell Clarke 'Pretenders' (Scarborough/Blackpool) as well Industrial use.

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1:32 on 16.5 = 20.8in gauge - close enough to either 21" or 20" gauge as used by the Hudswell Clarke 'Pretenders' (Scarborough/Blackpool) as well Industrial use.

Great addition, thanks! Updating the list.

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