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More Progress- Detail Work and Some Trains working the layout





Some more progress- various detailing has taken place and I have also just got three Stanier Dapol coaches. Apart from the battery box on the Brake being moulded the wrong way round I am very pleased with these :) There does not appear to be many pictures of these running on layouts- so I have taken a few, first behind the Crab at Harton and then at Hopeguard to give an idea of how they look in action. Metal wheels are on there way along with another composite. I am going to make some of the composites into seconds otherwise my trains will have way too much first class seating.


Ballasting is almost 100% complete and I am adding the small details now.


I've also got my first bus, which with the destination of Walsall is designed to anchor Harton firmly in the West Midlands :)


Youtube videos of the layout can be found here:




Enjoy the photos-

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