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Victor Lane. 00 Gauge Layout



Hello All.


So i have lately been using Anyrail5 to design my 00 gauge layout called Victor lane. I came up with the name for my layout after my grandad (who sadly passed away) left me with the nameplate off a steam locomotive called Victor. Since then i have always wanted to design and build my own 00 gauge layout and it was my Grandma and Grandad who got me into the railway and 00 gauge.


My layout is 8ft by 2ft and isn't based on a depot, railway line or any era. It is just a layout that i designed off the top of my head. I am going to run my track in DC and then nail the track in place and just run the track on the wood on its own for a month or 2 to check out my layout and see if i can improve my layout any where. Once i am ready i am going to convert it to DCC and once all the wiring is done, i will start with the ballast and the scenery for my layout.


I have brought 2 4ft by 2ft mdf 18mm. I have also brought a pack of gate hook and eye (contains 2 in 1 bag) to secure my 2 4ft by 2ft mdf wood pieces together. It allows a little bit of movement between the 2 pieces of wood and so i can seperate them easier and put them away easy enough until the future when i am happy with my layout and will be able to secure them together permanently together.


My layout will include Colas Rail, Direct Rail Services, DB Schenker, Freightliner, GB Railfreight, EWS and Stobart Rail diesel locomotives. I might even buy steam locomotives so i can change it from diesels to steam engines.My layout will mainly involve freight containers as the clear white section to the left will be a container area where they are loaded on and loaded off the diesel locomotives as they bring in freight containers. They will include petrol tankers and maybe some work vehicles like a tamper and track cleaner. The clear bit at the top will include buildings but those 2 lines will mainly hold track machines. I am going to be using the medium track in the very top right hand corner as a fuel depot.


The building which will be placed in the bottom right hand of the layout is going to be a 4 lane (either engine shed or maintenance depot) which is 30 inches long, 10 1/4 inches wide with 4 openings. It is going to be grey and it is going to be called Victor Lane Depot which is being built by a friend and should be done in 2/3 weeks.


At the moment i have only just attached the hooks and gates to the sides (one either side) so it can clip in and hold it together (doesn't hold it tight but allows a little bit of movement) but this will be so i can take it apart for easy storage.


I have decided that i will ballast most of it but some of it i would like to make it look like concrete, especially the engine shed/maintenance depot as well as well as where the containers are going to go on the ground. I am trying to find a crane for containers but at the moment i am going to using forklifts for the containers.


Can i please have your opinions and views on it please.






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Hi The flyingscotsman,


Just read your thread and must say I very much like the sound of your idea and the track plan is a Great one.

I would like to ask .. you say you would like to run container/oil traffics and all manor of diesel/steam stabling on your layout .. so I would like to ask are you planning to add a fiddle yard or do you plan to have a hidden siding that leads to further rear storage, thus keeping the overall length .. but increases the depth of the layout?.


Only bit of advice I would give at this point is to wire up the layout for dcc at the start .. only reason I say this is, if you get the layout to how you want it only running in dc .. then try making alterations that bit later you will have a lot more work to do and might spoil the look overall once completing the modification to dcc. Reminds me of a great saying in construction "Measure twice, cut once" .. same kinda principal if you get my meaning?.


Good luck with your project and I will follow it with Much interest. If I can help in any way then please don't hesitate to ask .. I must admit that I am new to diesel era modelling, so I do have a limited knowledge on all things modern (70's to present day).


But have spent past week researching through dvd's, books & lots of internet based research. As I needed to gain knowledge to help me with my new 90's diesel layout project ( through station & Tmd).


All the best


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Hello Dan. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment back. I really appreciate it when people take their time to read and ask questions as well as give advice.


In terms of your first question about a fiddle yard or hidden storage. At the moment it will just be easier for me to not include one for the moment but once I have got more space I will be adding hidden sidings/a fiddle yard. The main bit if it at the moment is getting the whole layout done and then go from their in terms of a hidden siding/fiddle yard.


In terms of DC/DCC. I am going to go to dcc but what I am going to do is once the track is nailed done I will just leave it as the track. I won't add any scenery or buildings or anything else. Once I am comfortable and happy with my layout then I will go to dcc. This is just to make sure that my track does work before I go straight to dcc so if I do need to make changes I can make them before dcc.


I don't have much information about depot/freight layouts. As you read my layout is not based on anything really and it just a plan that I came up with.


Thank you for your advice and questions. It does mean a lot to me to hear you advice and questions.

If you need any advice or any information about anything then please hestitate to ask me. Always happy to help.


Will hopefully get some more of my track delivered this week and hopefully some time off work to start on my layout.


All the best.




P.S - Have you got a Facebook page for your layout?

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