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Belt and Braces?



Something had been bugging me for a while. A couple of times in the past I have dropped part of my other layout Summat Colliery when packing away. This was caused by carelessness and the fact that the leg assemblies can tip sideways if sideways pressure is put on them.


As the centre section of the supports now becomes the key foundation to the whole set-up I wanted to add a cross brace from one leg assembly to another to eliminate the possibility of another board ground interface issue! An hour with some scrap wood and a jig saw and I had this:




A nice solid brace that also serves to set the two leg assemblies exactly 48" apart and will make the whole job of setting up the layout(s) much easier


I also added a couple of bits of wood to make an extended guide to better hold the brace in place




Next steps are to set the whole lot up again and cut the UPVC cladding to size that I am using for the shelves at the rear of the layout(s)

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