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Rodding, board one - done.



I'm please to say the rodding on the first and most complicated board is done. Aided by my new toy - an LED head torch. I now have light wherever I look :)


A few snaps of the completed rodding including the cross rods to the double slip and the first set of compensators






I've removed the chance of the cross rods shorting out the track by copying a bit of prototypical trackwork and added an insulator between the rails - a small rectangle of double sided PCB that the rod halves are soldered to. A couple of cut down single stools supports the rods between the rails too :)


Finally a long shot of the track as it stands today




I have some signal wire posts and wire on order with MSE/Wizard Models which will be added at a later date. PH Designs 3 point security fencing is next to be added to the rear of this board, complete with barb wire topped gates for controlled entry to the signal box car park.

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