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Completing the ground cover of the station

Richard T


I was not satisfied with the triangle behind the outer loop track: it was too obviously formed of flat layers. I therefore added about half a kilogramme of lightly-coloured plaster to soften the contours. I also covered the final surfaces between the platforms with a thin coat of plaster. In this step I want to get the ground covered and coloured, not in its final state necessarily but “natural”-looking.




This is the remodelled triangle; hard to see the contours here.




The passenger platform. The black plinth is for the shelter, and is a 6' × 12' area formed of 5 mm foam board. The platform will be covered in fine gravel.



Another view of the platform. I still have to form the stone wall behind the platform, which will be made from foam board.




The area between the goods siding platform and the passenger platform. I am still not sure how best to complete the rear of this area; the gap between the ground level and the base of the backscene (my fault) needs to be concealed, however here the ground would be open to the rear.




The stonemason siding; I have coloured the new groundwork and also the platform sides, all of which makes this look far more solid and homogenous, even without grass, weeds, bushes and buildings.




The goods siding and platform; whilst there is still a lot to do, this is also now looking fairly solid and less like foam board...




Preparing for grassing.




To avoid the paint showing through I decided to cover the surface first with a layer of earth base flock.




I sprayed further scenic glue onto the earth-coloured flock and applied 10 and 12 mm static grass with a Flockit applicator.




Contrast between the grassed area in the foreground and the bare earth behind.




Here I have applied the earth flock base onto the painted plaster, right up to the inaccessible far corner; the dark green is deliberate, to bring out wetter earth.




I've grassed the strip in front of the retaining wall. This picture shows the grass and flock comparison at the rear.




Close-up of the Allt Creag na Còsaig, formed using Woodlands Scenics water. I have now added grass to the right-hand bank, and following this picture added a final additional millimetre of water.




The passenger platform, covered in buff-coloured stone chips. At this point I have not yet hoovered up the loose chips.



Having now completed the basic ground covering I decided it was time to remove the foils protecting the backscene from stray spray. Although the scenery is far from complete, nonetheless I could not resist a series of overview shots of Clachbeg.




The site of the mine in the foreground, while in the background the branch line descends through the cutting to the station. The blue colour of the stream is simply the fresh resin water; it will dry clear overnight.




The stream and the entrance turnout behind a sward of grass.




The station loop with the stonemason siding and platform behind it. The stonemason shed will fill the corner of the layout and disguise the grass bank behind it. To the right of the shed there will be a stone wall (tipped forward here).




The goods siding and platform, as well as the turntable. The platform edge still has to be completed. A stone-built goods shed will fill this corner of the layout.




View from the corner of the layout.




Engineer’s view from the turntable spur.




View of the station from beside the turntable. The stone wall beyond the passenger shelter is taking shape; I still have to decide how to fill the gap between the passenger shelter and the goods platform, on the right.




Shunter’s view of the station from beside the goods siding.




Engineer’s view from the mine spur up towards the station entrance switchstand.




Engineer’s view descending the branch line into the station.




Engineer’s view on the outer track of the station loop, approaching the passenger siding.




Engineer’s view from the stonemason spur looking down to the goods siding. The slightly curved edge of the passenger platform is apparent in this perspective.




Engineer’s view at the crossover to the (misaligned!) turntable. Again, the curved edge of the passenger platform is clear. The rails still have a slight sheen to them, even after a first wash of diluted black India ink.



With this the essential ground cover is largely complete. The area beside the goods platform is still to be completed, as is the space between the stonemason platform and the passenger platform. Clearly there is still a lot of vegetation to come, but this is nonetheless a milestone: all basic ground cover complete, and finally the railway looks like it is part of a landscape.


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