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Making a Scene!



blog-0695709001402440129.jpgA back scene of course! Have been firmly wedded to the computer for the last couple of days doing proper work but this did mean that I had my big super fast PC fired up so was able to play with the backdrop when I got bored of PhotoShopping product photos.


I used as a basis a panorama I took near Arras last week but had to stitch it together by hand as all automated attempts were just rubbish. I overlayed onto this a cruelly enlarged original WW1 picture that I had tinted for the remains of the village. Some additional textures and puddles were overlayed onto the rather too pristine fields to dirty them up a bit. I didn't go too mad with trying to create the clasisc 'lunar' landscape, as the area depicted is some way behind the front and contemporary panoramas show that (with a few notable exceptions of course), that the front was often green and overgrown anyway.


So will order this tomorrow from a local firm. i will get it printed as a 13 foot long PVC banner. Not the idea thing but will be tough and an awful lot cheaper than doing it on photo paper. I am not 100% convinced that I have got it right anyway so this could well just be a Mk1 version.


Next big problem will be how to fix it!



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And mine! Actually there didn't seem to be much difference between the finish on the PVC and the roller banners when I looked at them this morning. Is not horribly expensive though and can be used to make sure it looks right and things line up properly if I have to get it redone in a more expensive paper.

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