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Detailing the rods...




Slowly getting there still... All of the rods are detailed now


I think there are only ('only' he says) 5 things left on the list now... a couple of which i still need to buy a couple of bits for...


Small cab steps.

Bolts for the steam fountain access panel on the roof - Scale Hardware.

Sanding pipes.

Injector overflow pipes.

Main driver leaf springs - Hobbyhorse/Reynalds.









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Wow, if it wasn't for the wood effect on the ground, that second photo could be real! B)


It goes to show that all the effort you're putting in is well worth it. I'm guessing that the threaded part visible in the photo is Scale Hardware again?

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Thanks Pugsley !! :rolleyes:


The nut and bolt head are a little on the large side, but if i find something more suitable they are easily changed..



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  • RMweb Gold

Nice one Jon. icon_thumbsup2.gif After this, doing a Western loco will be a walk in the park.....icon_lol.gif






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I have to say that second photo is pretty darn realstic. From normal viewing distances, it's going to be incredible.


Even the slaters wheels don't detract.


But now you have the problem of showing realistic looking grease/dirt/gunge buildup behind the wheels and on parts of that lovely motion...........

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