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A bit like a Womble

Sylvian Tennant



That's me at this moment in time, using secondhand and left over bits to creating stuff. The only thing that sets me away from the hindrances of Wimbledon Green is that I'm not called Uncle Bulgaria or Orinoco or even an actual Womble.


I have been mixing and matching however and my latest project is something of a complete mongrel.




It's a Breakdown Train complete with an old Hornby Dublo crane which has been very heavily modified to represent something just a little less toy like and a combination of Hornby wagons that have went through an array of updates and modifications.




The crane itself has had the handles and interior cut out and paint striped as much as I felt physically possble.


The gears and lifting gears were creating from plastic tubing with spare gears bought for between £1 - £2.99 at my local model shop. Also some spare Dapol kit wheels came in handy too. A representation of a coupling beam and breakpipe was added to the buffer beam and other small details were included.




The weight distribution bogies were from the later Hornby plastic crane. It was modified with the original couple removed and a new one added underneath the body to bring the couplings closer together. The old axle caps were filed away and oil boxes added as I didn't want any roller bearings.




The same goes for the runner which is one of those Hornby Railroad-esque LWB wagons with a scratchbuilt body.


I plan to have four support vehicles including a 12t Van, a gresley tool/packing van, a clerestory riding and mess van and finally a six wheel packing/tool van.




The six wheel van was originally a Palethorpes sausage van, I glued the central axle box to the chassis and replaced the original; wheels with a modified Dapol set with with no flanges to ease the negotiating around curves. I've also added some underframe detail too.






Finally for the moment is the former teak tool/packing van which has had the original underframe detail removed and in the process of replacement into something more prototypical.I've also cut out the door ways and removed the end corridors




If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I'd be more than happy to oblige.

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Well for something that is a total mixup of bits and pieces it looks pretty good to me! There is some nice chopping up of bits there!


Julia :)

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Cheers guys, it just struck me the other day that all the rolling stock is about 4 different generations of Hornby!


It's going to be weathered black. With the wooden coaches peeling at the edges. I was hoping to have it done before Blythe expo but I don't think it's happen :(

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